What is Bmove?

Bmove is a fast-growing parking app that allows customers to park and pay on-street and off-street with the smartphone. Bmove is available in Croatia and Slovakia and starts now in Austria and Italy.

On-street parking

With Bmove visitors and residents are now able to park contactless and safe. Families and companies can manage their needs using the customer platform.  

Off-street parking

Bmove provides automatic contactless entry, exit and payment via licence-plate-recognition technology.  

Free for your customers

The Bmove App is free for downloading from AppStore (for Iphone7iOS users) as well as GooglePlay (for Android users).  

Easy monitoring

Real-Time overview of all important KPIs  and the parking behaviours of the customers.

One App, four countries!

Looking for a parking spot? Check out one of our active markets and experience contactless digital parking!

Your benefits


Benefit from a community of 250.000 users in Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia and other countries.

Best user experience

Smartphone parking with the Bmove App offers the best solution for all generations.  

Save money

Reduce administration costs and the number of parking ticket machines.  


Lower paper waste for a positive impact on the environment.  


Individual approach to your parking customers.  



Be sure in protection of your personal data.  

Bmove for cities and garage operators


For cities and municipalities

You want to improve parking management in the city?

Benefit from our professional experience for parking management in your city. We offer best parking solutions for the residents while stabilizing daily traffic and protecting the environment. Special parking permits for residents are available to be purchased online.

Bmove monitoring system allows you to receive complete information about activities in the garages on a daily basis (e.g. current occupancy, number of payment transactions, etc). Moreover, this system supports residential parking management and shows, if other systems were integrated in a particular garage/parking.

For garage operators

You want to increase your capacity utilisation in the garage and attract young customers?

Take the best from our constantly growing parking app. Inspire your customers to join 250.000 users of the Bmove App and take part in our aspiration towards easy, digital and eco-friendly parking. 


Integratable in all systems

Bmove can be easily integrated into any modern garage system offered by various providers. This gives integrators an opportunity to constantly improve the quality of garage management systems.


New: Bmove parking in the Central Garage

At the end of May 2022, Bmove will be available at Garáž Centrum in Bratislava. With the smartphone parking app you can park contactless and easily: the barriers at the entrance and the exit open automatically. Moreover, using Bmove App…

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For municipalities. For garage operators.

You are interested in bringing Bmove to your city? Get in touch with us!

Our team will answer your questions and will help planning the rollout in your city. No more cash machines!°

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