• Save your money

    Bmove is a free application with no additional payment fees.

  • Bmove Business Account

    Top up your Bmove business account and allow your employees, customers, and business partners to pay from your account balance.

  • Manage your Bmove service

    Manage your costs by signing up users, vehicles, and access to service and funds on your business account.

  • No paperwork

    All needed reports and receipts are available in one place in electronic form and are ready to be sent to your accounting department.

  • Fleet overview

    A full overview of all vehicles included in the fleet and the destinations where they are parked (city and parking zone).

  • Security

    Security is of utmost importance to us. Bmove takes 100% care of protecting your data.

Combine all the benefits of private and business users

Excellent solutions for business users

Separate your personal account from your business account. Use all the benefits of private users with the benefits of your business account and take advantage of all Bmove service functionalities. For example, enable parking for your employees, customers, and visitors through your business account and this way separate your private parking from business parking.


How to use Bmove?

  • 1

    Register on the web

    Register the company's business account at bmove.com, enter the details of the responsible person and activate the account.

  • 2

    Add users and vehicles

    Manage users (employees, business partners), vehicles, and rights to use the service in the web application. Your users will receive an e-mail invitation to activate the service and/or to be added to your company account.

  • 3

    Add funds to a business account

    In the app, add funds to your Bmove business account directly via bank card payment or by a quote payment (download a quote from the application and pay by wire transfer or bank cards).

  • 4

    Receipts, and monthly reports

    In the app, download all receipts and monthly reports for all the parking payments made through your Bmove business account.