What is Bmove?

Bmove is the ultimate parking app, offering a variety of features to make parking and EV charging a seamless and hassle-free experience. With Bmove, you can buy parking tickets for on-street parking and park in garages using our innovative license plate recognition system.

On-street parking

No more parking machines. Let Bmove find your current zone and pay with a tap!

Off-street parking

Contactless entry and exit using innovative license plate recognition technology. 

Electric vehicle charging

Charge your ECV and get billed together with your parking.


Benefit from a community of 250.000 users in Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia and other countries.

Best user experience

Smartphone parking with the Bmove App offers the best solution for all generations.  

Save money

Reduce administration costs and the number of parking ticket machines.  


Lower paper waste for a positive impact on the environment.  


Individual approach to your parking customers.  



Be sure in protection of your personal data.  

One App, four countries!

Looking for a parking spot? Check out one of our active markets and experience contactless digital parking on the street as well as in garages

How it works - in 3 steps

Here is the easiest way to buy your parking ticket.

Bmove for cities and garages

Wherever you need to go, Bmove makes your parking easier.

Garage parking

License plate recognition at its best.

Sign up, add your license Plate, credit card and you’re ready to go. The license plate recognition system in every garage recognizes you as a Bmove user and the barrier opens when you enter and exit. Your credit card is charged automatically when you exit and you receive a receipt via email and within the Bmove app every time you leave the garage. You can also opt-in for a monthly report along With another copy of all receipts generated that particular month.

City parking

Parking on the street? No problem.

Buying a ticket for on-street parking is simple. Bmove finds the current parking zone you are currently located in, so you just have to choose your license plate and the desired duration. We will remind you with a notification about your expiring parking ticket just before it happens, so you can easily extend your ticket or get moving!

Manage multiple cars

Sometimes one car is not enough. We help you manage your fleet.

Bmove for companies

Manage employee parking

Bmove also offers a great solution for companies looking to simplify their parking and EV charging experience for their employees. With Bmove company accounts, fleet managers can easily add license Plates of their employees in batches, assign default payment methods for certain vehicle license plate numbers and limit usage to certain garages and cities. Employees can choose to use the company payment method or add their private credit card, depending on the reason for parking.


Bmove for families

The head of the family pays it all

For families, Bmove offers a feature that allows one person to be the main account holder With a credit card and invite their spouse/husband, children, or friends to join their account. After following the invitation the family members can easily select the main account holders payment method for a certain license Plate, making it easy for everyone to share expenses and manage their parking and EV charging needs.

Electric vehicle charging

Need a charge? Get it while you park in the garage

Bmove is not only a parking app

It’s also perfect for electric vehicle owners

Many garages allow customers to charge their electric vehicles easily, quickly, and securely.The activation of the charging process works via the Bmove app by plugging in the cable to the customers car and presenting a QR code from the app. The charging process starts immediately, and customers are billed together With their parking Charge when they exit the garage.

Integratable in all systems

Bmove can be easily integrated into any modern garage system offered by various providers. This gives integrators an opportunity to constantly improve the quality of garage management systems.


New: Bmove parking in the Central Garage

At the end of May 2022, Bmove will be available at Garáž Centrum in Bratislava. With the smartphone parking app you can park contactless and easily: the barriers at the entrance and the exit open automatically. Moreover, using Bmove App…

Read more

For municipalities. For garage operators.

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Our team will answer your questions and will help planning the rollout in your city. No more cash machines!°

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